April 15, 2009

Spicy, new shoe collection by Marc Jacobs

I love Marc Jacobs he is a great innovator and he always amazes me with his clothing collections, but when it comes to his shoes creations… well, I have mixed feelings about them. 

Africa is the inspiration of Marc’s new shoe collection for Louis Vuitton. Masks, leather, snake, leopard, ribbon and beads galore do get to knock us out… and I am not talking about the price only.  

Over the top, unpractical and frivolous but it is the “it” shoe collection of this season in an attempt of the fashion industry to save the accessory market from the decline of overpriced “it bags”.

If you are willing to pay 2 300 Dollars (1800 Euros), then you can have these outrageous shoes in your closet. Ouch, that is really a knock-out!

The aim of shoe designers is standing out among the conservative offer. Killed the outrageous bag, the outrageous shoes takes its place. 

Girls, the high heel shoes are stronger and HIGHER then ever! Marc is not the only one getting higher, along with him John Galliano, Pilati, Shimada and Scherer are betting for surreal heights that I am personally not willing to climb.

And, what about you?  


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