April 14, 2009

Fundoshi, new women underwear trend in Japan

Ladies, are you tired of conventional undies? 

At least some celebrities are, and who would blame them, right? And now that is getting hotter and hotter who wants to wear tight uncomfortable underwear anyways?

Exactly, and Japanese think the same that is why they have created fundoshi, the loincloth-like lingerie. 

Wacoal, the Japanese lingerie company that sells fundoshi hasn’t reinvented the wheel; they have just got back from the past an old piece of cloth men used to wear and that is an oddity nowadays.

Wacoal has rescued fundoshi from obscurity and turned it into a much freer and loose women’s underwear alternative.

These women loincloths come in different colors but only in plain or squared styles. It costs 13.18 Dollars or 10 Euros. 

Would you go for it?


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