April 16, 2009

Precautions for wearing high heel shoes

Women shoes facts

  • Manolos are the most famous shoes. 
  • Stiletto heels the most expensive.
  • Sandals, pumps, mules, donatellas and platform the most sought-after.
  • Make you look utterly sexy, but make your feet go ugly and unhealthy. 

Let’s talk about the last fact, shall we?

I am not saying get rid of those high heel ASAP. Hello, high heel shoes are hot and hell as all women should own a pair at least, but we have to use them with prudence to prevent some orthopedic conditions.

For everyday walk, the most appropriate heels should be no taller than 0.98 inches or 2.5 cm

Closed toe shoes are better than open toe shoes since they give more support and balance to the feet. 

Throughout the week use different types of shoes to prevent muscular pain or tension. 

If you want to quit wearing heels, do not stop suddenly using them but little by little, since feet’s muscles have gotten used to the anatomic angle given by high heels.

And, simply avoid if you know you will have to be long time standing up or having along walk ahead.  


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