April 13, 2009

What shoes to wear for a job interview?

Tomorrow you have a job interview and as we all know the first impression is what counts. You have your attire ready, your nails and hair, but what about the shoes?

You might think nobody is going to notice, but you are wrong! Of course people will look at your shoes, so if they do not much with the rest of your clothes, you might kill the perfect best impression you need to get the job.

If you are applying for a position in a bank or financial related position, then you have to go conservative. In case you are applying for a marketing job, you can lighten up and make a “creative” choice.

The worst shoes to wear for a job interview

  • Sneakers: comfortable as they can be, but definitely not formal enough for a work interview.
  • Flip flops, sandals and open toe shoes: although these shoes come in very fancy versions, they still do not look formal enough.
  • Very high heels (stilettos): they make you look elegant and sexy, but they are not practical. You might trip over and not only have an embarrassing moment but also hurt your ankle and foot.
  • Overembellished shoes: shoes with too many beads or any other sparkly embellishments look great for an evening event, but definitely do not go for a job interview.

And of course, dirty and scruffy shoes simply NOT.


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